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Wattana Wittaya Academy ( W.W. A )

Proud to be Wattana

School  philosophy : Morality precedes academic knowledge.

Vision : A leading all-girls private  school emphasizing morality, academics and leadership.

School motto : Honesty, discipline, commitment to education, citizenship, upholding religion and the monarch.

Colors :
                - White and red
                - White signiyfing morality
                - Red signifying  academic knowledge

School  tree : Tamarind signifies patience.

History of W.W.A.

Wattana Wittaya Academy is under the Foundation of the Church of Christ in Thailand. It was founded in B.E.2417 ( A.D.1874 ) by the American Presbyterian Mission and was originally named “Kullasatri Wanglang".  located in the Royal Palace  which is now within the compound of Siriraj Hospital. It was the first boarding school for girls and the first kindergarten of Thailand. Mrs. Harriet M. House was the first principal. The primary objectives of the school were to educate Thai young ladies in the fundamentals of reading, writing, Bible study and sewing.

In B.E.2464, Miss Edna S. Cole moved the school campus to its present location and changed the name to “Wattana Wittaya Academy”.

Type of school and location

Wattana Wittaya Academy is a girls’ school under the supervision of the Committee of Private Sector. It is a day school from Kindergarten through grade 6 and boarding school from grade 7 through grade 12. The school is located on Sukumvit 19, in the heart of Bangkok.  The beautiful 100 rai campus, of which 51 rai are education facilities, is surrounded by hospitals, hotels, banks and government offices.


1 ) Developing in both the student body and staff a sense of morality in accordance with the teachings of Christianity to create a strong network of people and bind the community of students in order to live happily.

2 ) A learning process aimed at inculcating sound awareness of nation, religion, our king and a democratic system of government under a constitutional monarchy.

3 ) Primary emphasis on preparing each individual for  life in the community through morality, discipline and honesty concentrating on the development of values, unity, and respect for others. attributed to the society within.

4 ) Preparing students, through rich school traditions and history, with a balanced awareness of leadership, pride in Thai identity and pursuit of their personal best.

5 ) A curriculum blending a sound academic education and preparation for colleges and universities appropriate to individual talents and interests and motivating students to participate in challenging international competitions.

6 ) Developing an effective school administrative system equipping faculty members  serve as formal and informal advisors to students to provide  one-on-one support and guidance.

7 ) Developing the school as the center of learning and providing students  with an advantageous environment  for both education and dedication to the community  fostering community cooperation.

Educational Administration

        In the provision of education, the school has set educational standards and has implemented a system of quality assurance for all levels with emphasis on full development of both physical and mental health. The school equips each student with new ideas and the challenge of analytic and creative thinking developing self-esteem, leadership and respect for others. W.W.A provides its students the opportunity to prepare themselves with integrity and diversity and to be service-minded towards community, country and the world. Basic education is provided as according to Curriculum for Early Childhood, Year 2546,(หลักสูตรการศึกษาปฐมวัย พ.ศ. 2546)  Curriculum for Basic Education, Year 2544  (หลักสูตรการศึกษาขั้นพื้นฐาน พ.ศ. 2544) and  Core Curriculum for Basic Education, Year 2551 (หลักสูตรแกนกลางการศึกษาขั้นพื้นฐาน พ.ศ. 2551)

        Wattana Wittaya Academy is committed to reflect the school’s philosophy, “Morality precedes academic knowledge”. The academic plan and management are according to the National Education Act B.E. 2542 (A.D. 1999). The current course curriculum blends the classics with modern and world perspectives and integrates technology with traditional teaching methods empowering students to make positive changes within the school and the wider community. The classroom environment allows all students to experience education through learning, discussion and collaborative work between teachers and students. The process of learning emphasizes the disciplines of passion in reading, research and a life time pursuit of their personal best to become healthy, caring and productive adults.


English Intensive Course

At present, W.W.A. provides an English Intensive Course for students in the elementary and secondary levels. This program serves students whose  focus is on expanding their talent and streng in English through an advanced curriculum and learning environment.

Kindergarten Level

W.W.A. opened its first kindergarten in Thailand in B.E. 2450 (A.D.1907). Khunying Aroon Methathibodi was the first kindergarten teacher.

The present kindergarten offers instruction in the three grade levels, K1-K3.

                - Day students.
                - Boys and girls 3-5 years of age.

Elementary Level Regulations
                - Day students, girls only.
                - Enrollment is from grade 1-6

Secondary Level

The girls boarding school for the secondary level has become the trademark of  this school since its origin as Wanglang School. The boarding section offers a rigorous academic environment and moral discipline to prepare the girls for their future life educationally, professionally and socially.

Various programs are offered to expand students’ knowledge and experiences including exchange programs with Canada and Japan.

Enrollment is from grade 7-12.

Admission to all 3 levels is based on the school’s entrance test results.


                - Art club
                - Basketball, swimming
                - Boarding and Day Prefects
                - Chinese, French
                - Community Service Council
                - Dorm Council
                - Drama Club / English Play
                - English is Fun Club
                - Girls Helping Girls – Peer mentors
                - Martial Arts ไอคิโด
                - Music Club
                - Private Music Lessons
                - Singing club / chorus
                - Student Ambassadors
                - Student Council
                - Yearbook Committee
                - Young librarians
                - Young Politicians

Campus Facilities:
                - Auditoriums
                - Air-conditioned dorms
                - Audiovisual Equipment
                - Computer rooms
                - Co-operative Store
                - Counseling rooms
                - Dining Hall
                - Libraries
                - Nursing rooms
                - Religion rooms
                - Swimming Pool
                - Teacher offices equipped with computers and wireless access.

School’s Recognition

                - Honored as an Outstanding Secondary School from Ministry of Education in 2522, 2528, 2542.
                - Honored as an Outstanding Kindergarten from Ministry of Education in 2547.
                - Acknowledged for Education Standards and Quality Assessment on all levels from the Committee of Private Sector, Ministry of Education in 2542.
                - First round External Evaluation from the Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment in 2547 with the assessment result of “good” for every criteria.
                - Second round External Evaluation from the Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment in 2550 with the assessment result of “very good” for every criteria.
                - Honored Certificate on Best Practices for Balance Score Card from Thailand Productivity Institute, Teachers’ Development Institute, Faculty staff and Educational Personnel in 2550.

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